I’m often asked how it all began; how did I start creating wedding and celebration cakes? Well it all started with my own wedding three years ago when I decided to make our VW Campervan wedding cake. We decided that we wanted to have a D.I.Y wedding and do a lot of the decor ourselves; so I thought why not make the wedding cake as well!

Now, I’d never made many cakes before our wedding (except a couple for our boys birthdays – not much to write home about!) so I enrolled on a basic cake decorating course to learn how to cover a cake in fondant icing, and dragged my sister along too. With a lot of practice (and I mean a lot!) we were both able to cover a cake with fondant, and we delighted with our efforts. Although, looking back now those cakes we practiced on looked awful, not smooth at all!

After that first course I was hooked! It opened my eyes to the complexity of cake decorating as well as the enjoyment of the process; not only that but also how much choice there is out there when deciding on a wedding cake. To say I was confused on what wedding cake I ultimately wanted to create is an understatement! In the end I decided I wanted my cake to have blue gerbera flowers on it to match the colour of our wedding and the flowers in my bouquet; but you can not get natural, fresh blue gerberas. So, as I was feeling fairly confident I decided to make sugar gerberas (enrolled on another course) to go on our wedding cake; little did I know gerberas are not the easiest to make look realistic!

As I mentioned before I was overloaded with ideas for the design of our wedding cake, so as well a blue sugar gerberas our cake also had the top tier hand carved and decorated to look like a VW Campervan – because we both love them! This part of the cake was a definite D.I.Y job, with some help from YouTube and I loved every minute of making it!

The VW Campervan tier of our cake was the idea of my husband’s who had the faith that I could pull it off; without him my little business would never had come to be! He encouraged me to turn my cake decorating hobby into a business when friends and family were requesting celebration and wedding cakes.

My cake decorating skills have definitely come a long way since the early days of practicing before our wedding day. Since the success of our wedding cake I’ve been privileged enough to be commissioned┬ámany excited couples to create their dream wedding cakes.

Photo credits: A-m A Photography